CEASE Therapy

CEASE Therapy – for Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorders & Chronic Disease

CEASE Therapy offers a systematic process to eliminate residual effects thought to have contributed to Autism and some chronic disease processes, like Lyme Disease, MS and other Auto-immune conditions.

CEASE Therapy is based on the work of the Dutch Doctor Tinus Smits.

The outline below is typical for both vaccine injury and chronic illness.

CEASE Therapy consists of identifying and eliminating causative factors thought to contribute to the cause of Autism such as:

  • family history
  • illness, medications or vaccinations during pregnancy
  • illness, vaccinations and medication taken by the child
  • environmental toxins

CEASE Therapy is a partnership. As we continue to work together you will learn how your child reacts to the remedies and CEASE elimination courses and this will help you in our communication to continue to your child’s healing process.

What are the benefits and results with CEASE Therapy?

  • improved social contact, including eye contact
  • improvements with behavioral issues
  • appropriate playing with toys
  • better eating
  • improved sleeping
  • more interest in communication and interaction

How long does it take?

The length of CEASE Therapy depends on many variables, such as the severity of Autism and the number of causative factors. Improvements vary from child to child and whether there are additional health problems. While some improvements may be seen quickly some aspects of recovery take longer. Helping a child with Autism is a marathon, there are no quick fixes.

The CEASE Therapy program consists of 3 parts

1)  Homeopathy and Isotherapy

2)  Supplementation of Vitamin C, Zinc and Fish oil

3)  Dietary Advice

Excellent results can be achieved with simple dietary changes.

Insatiable appetite or lack of appetite, sugar cravings and other digestive problems common in autistic children are addressed with homeopathic remedies.

As the child becomes healthier, the integrity of the intestines is restored. As a result food cravings and digestive issues tend to improve naturally.


How can I get started with CEASE Therapy?

CEASE is a parent administered program. Together we search for all the factors that may have contributed to the health challenges, like Autism, behavioral problems, digestive issues, Asthma. With this timeline we create a plan of  CEASE Therapy remedies.

All CEASE Consultations are with skype, so distance is not an issue. No travel also means less stress on your child as well as the whole family. The biggest benefit I have seen is that I am able to observe your child in their home environment without any outside influence from being in a strange place and meeting a new person.

I was certified in CEASE Therapy during the first international training in Holland in 2010. You can read more about CEASE Therapy on the CEASE Web-site, here.

For more details of what CEASE Therapy is and how it is administered please call me for a no-obligation free phone conversation.

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