Ear-ache, Sore Throat, Diarrhea, Colic, Nausea and Vomiting, Fever, Croup – how can I help my child?

Who hasn’t experienced it –  the drama of an acute non-emergency illness only seems to happen at night or on weekends.

Homeopathy is the perfect tool to help your child.  The Homeopathic remedy allows the child’s own healing system to work more efficiently to return them to a state of health. I am available for acute consultations to recommend the homeopathic remedy, potency (strength) and dosing.

Please call or fill out the Contact form to learn about how it works, there is no obligation, just an informative conversation about homeopathic care.

I also offer self care classes so parents can learn to be their family’s homeopathic helper. Children don’t mind taking the remedies, they are tiny sweet pellets that melt in the mouth or can be dissolved in water.

Children respond very well to Homeopathic remedies and can be assisted in speeding healing. It is amazing to witness a distressed, crying child relax into soothing sleep within minutes of a well selected homeopathic remedy.  Homeopathy does not medicate and numb symptoms or work to kill any bacteria or virus. Instead homeopathic remedy assists your little one’s body to speed healing by supporting the self healing system to do the work it is created to do.

For example, what we see with ear infections (or sore throats) is the common cycle of ear-ache and anti-biotics, which most likely leads to another ear infection and more anti-biotics. And if the cycle continues, it leads to ear tubes and eventually a destroyed intestinal flora. Then digestive issues, assimilation problems, emotional and behavioral problems, and learning difficulties.

Homeopathy can help to avoid this cycle and help you raise healthy children.

Children that receive homeopathy for their ear aches often do not have another. Homeopathy works to remove the susceptibility, strengthen the child’s resilience and aide in normal development and maturation towards adulthood.

sus·cep·ti·bil·i·ty:   The state of being likely to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing

It is not the bacteria or virus that makes us sick, it is our susceptibility to the invader. Because if bacteria and viruses were that powerful, we would all be sick all the time! After all, we are surrounded by these little critters. Not everyone gets the flu when it comes around, not everyone gets a sore throat when one family member has it.

So why do we get sick?

When we are stressed, upset or face great challenges in life and life changing events, like growing up, we are much more likely to fall ill. We are so busy with the stress, we lower our defenses.

Homeopathy helps in the acute phase of the illness to speed healing, but with deeper understanding of the person, homeopathy can strengthen the person’s constitution and let the body maintain a more vibrant state of health and well being.

For children just like adults there are chronic concerns and acute conditions. If your child has either physical or emotional, chronic or recurrent concerns, I welcome your questions on how homeopathy can help, call me at 858-617-9408.

Where can I get homeopathic remedies?

I highly encourage families to own a Homeopathic remedy kit, because there is nothing worse than a miserable, sick child and not having the homeopathic remedy that can soothe at hand.

You probably already know, children get fevers and stomach bugs at night or on weekends. Or a finger gets pinched in a door, or you fall on your tail bone……… need Hypericum 30c or 200c – NOW.  Not a trip to a health food store where there is only a limited selection of homeopathic remedies.

Remedy kits, safely stored away from high heat, magnets, microwave ovens and strong smelling solutions can last many years and cost a fraction per remedy as buying them individually. Or considering the stress, time, and cost of an unnecessary emergency room visit. Of course if the child is extremely ill go, and give the remedy on the way.

In addition to homeopathic care, I offer Homeoprophylaxis an alternative to vaccination to reduce the incidence of infectious childhood diseases. Read more here.


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