Flu Shot anyone?????

       sick monsterIf you are worried about the flu, homeopathy can both prevent and help heal.

Read this article with 12 strong reasons to NOT get the Flu Shot.

Mercury, Glyphosphate………… yuck.
Homeoprophylaxis is a homeopathic method to prevent infectious diseases by strengthening your immune system with specific homeopathic remedies. NO toxic anything, just the energetic information your immune system uses to prepare itself.
For prevention of the flu you will want the remedy Influenzinum. Another remedy that prevents as well as helps at the first sing of symptoms and that is  available at health food stores: Oscillococcinum. I know impossible to pronounce, short version is “Osillo”.
Take a few pellets 1x a week for 4 weeks when you start hearing that people in your area are actually having the flu.
Big pellets take 3. The Osillo pellets are tiny take about 15.



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