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Buy remedy kits

We love remedy kits! Why?

Because there isn’t a convenient warning before you or your child has a non-emergency health concern.

Because different patients and different ailments call for different remedies and nothing is more frustrating than realizing you need a remedy for a loved one or for yourself, only to find you don’t have it.          read more

Love the outdoors but hate ticks?

Buy the TickBeeOff-safecard

We have found a simple, safe, easy way to remove ticks from people and pets.

It’s called TickBeeOff-safecard and is the size and shape of a credit card to just slide under the tick and lift it out, the tick doesn’t even know it happened. Because of the handy credit card style shape it’s easy to have with you at all times. The sooner a tick is removed the less likely the chance of infection.

Ticks that are squeezed, pulled on or otherwise disturbed vomit their contents including any bacteria into your bloodstream, increasing the risk of tick borne disease like Lyme disease.

TickBeeOff: It is the safest way to remove a tick.

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