Healing is a Journey

Health, when we have it we take it for granted. When something goes wrong and we feel symptoms of discomfort, we wonder how did I get here? And how can I get my health back?

Finding our way back to health can be a winding and difficult road. My wish were that after seeing your doctor,  people would seek out homeopathy first and save pharmaceutical medical intervention as last resort, for as long as it is safe to do so.

During an acute illness, these are self limiting, infectious illnesses like colds, flu etc. the symptoms make sense. We cough, sneeze, blow our nose, vomit, have diarrhea, and a fever…….. our body is at work to expel and kill the invader that has made us sick. Most of the time we get better on our own, sometimes we need some help. Homeopathy has an incredible record of being effective to speed healing and lessen the intensity of the illness.

So what is happening during a chronic illness?

When we experience a chronic condition we feel our inner healing mechanism working, however it is as if it is lost and just produces symptoms that don’t lead to an improvement or a return to health. Our families’ health history, our life experiences, the effects of stress, any traumas we have experienced, past illness, medications and life style and our personalities, all plays a role in the experience of our state of health.

The homeopathic  health inventory conversation leads to understanding what the healing system is trying to overcome. All symptoms in body, mind and emotions are collected like pieces of a puzzle.  When the picture of your unique situation is understood, a homeopathic remedy can be selected among 1000’s of homeopathic remedies that are available from homeopathic pharmacies.

The individually selected remedy acts as a stimulus for your healing system and like following a “road map” symptoms gently begin to lessen. Over time symptoms lessen or become less frequent and you begin to feel better. The Homeopathic remedy is helping the body’s healing system to heal and eliminate the cause.  During the Follow-up consultation we continue to ensure that the healing system has the correct remedy or “road map” as symptoms change and you are on your journey towards wellness.

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