Time to live without headaches!

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How long have you been searching for a solution to your headaches?

Prescription medications may stop an attack, lessen the intensity and duration of the pain. But another headache is always on it’s way. Diet changes also work for some, but truthfully in my experience anything can be a trigger and which trigger is to blame for which headache? No clients have ever been able to identify a trigger with certainty. Regularly scheduled massage therapy is a great way to ease the tension that can be responsible for starting a migraine.

What is missing, is, that none of the therapies address the cause of the headaches.

The headache is expressing something. The total of symptoms and the mood you experience before, during and after a headache is the language of your healing system expressing it’s state of imbalance or dis-organization. Homeopathy is a natural solution to ending the cycle of headaches.

Homeopathic remedies are made from many natural sources and each has a unique set of symptoms that it addresses and each fits with a particular personality type. Homeopathic remedies are not a remedy for a diagnosis. They are remedies for the individual with an individual set of symptoms and reaction to those symptoms. This very selective matching of remedies creates a healing impulse in the healing system. It is as if it finally has the instructions it has been searching for to create order, balance, inner harmony and health.

Homeopathic remedies are highly dilute yet powerful, medicines that are non-toxic, without side effects, gentle, safe and effective. They are FDA approved as OTC medicines and are available as pellets or drops, so they are easy to take.

Will it work for you? Let’s find out with a no cost 30min Discover Homeopathy Session



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