Holiday joy or stress?

EvPfänder Baumerywhere, we are reminded  to enjoy the season, the parties the festivities.  The flip side can be stress. What can you do? Be sure to find some quiet time for yourself. There is always a way to simplify. Practice asking for help with preparations. Less is more, simplify the eating, the decorations and the giving of things.

The spirit of the season is the spirit of giving. A handwritten letter, a visit, a phone call. The best giving is to give of ourselves, our time and attention. What we all want is to feel a connection, to feel we are a part of a family or a family of friends. Be with people with whom you can feel joy, calm, nourished and connected. Go to the park, the beach, the mountains, the desert, go outside and nourish yourself. Let go of the to do’s and be in the spirit of the moment, NOW.




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