You can achieve optimum health …with guidance

When we experience persistent, ongoing health concerns, our inner energy system is letting us know that it is off balance.

However, the healing system is not designed to overcome chronic conditions. It  becomes stuck in a cycle of recurring or ongoing symptoms and feelings or emotions. The healing system needs guidance to be able to re-establish balance.Mother and Child

Your diagnosis is only one part of the symptom complex. In order to achieve optimum health we must address the cause of dis-ease.

Your likes, the things that bring you joy and how you show your happiness, and your dislikes, your reactions to stress, anger, disappointment, worry or fear are all part of the complexity of a chronic condition.

Together we explore all the symptoms, sensations and feelings that contribute to your health concerns to find the homeopathic remedy that will help you achieve optimum health, in body, mind and emotions.

The process of healing with homeopathy is gentle, most see improvements within 4-6 weeks. Together we monitor your progress to make sure your healing system keeps working to achieve your best possible level of health and well being.

To see if Homeopathy is right for you, call 858-617-9408 and let’s talk.


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