Ear infections?

Ear infection – anti-biotics – ear infection – anti-biotics – ear infection ………

Is it linked to vaccination?

Children that receive Homeoprophylaxis (HP)  have much less ear, nose, and throat conditions, fewer skin conditions, allergies, asthma or behavioral conditions than vaccinated children.

The normal cycle of disease is infection – a prodromal stage – feeling yucky, whiny, off – then chills  – then fever, to stimulate the specific immune system to learn to recognize, fight and remember the disease agent for a future encounter – then the discharge of the disease agent; cough, runny nose, rash, sweat, stool, etc.

Vaccination bypasses all the stages of the normal cycle of disease. Often Tylenol is recommended to avoid the fever – the specific immune system does not get activated. Instead the immune system gets confused and has no outlet for the disease agent. Ear infection is a way out, but it is not able to reestablish balance. Anti-biotics further disrupt the cycle and begin an additional degradation of health by destroying the beneficial bacteria in our intestinal system.

Homeopathic remedies can break the cycle. The homeopathic remedy assists the immune system to co-ordinate it’s efforts and clear residual effects of the vaccine. Healthy immune system function = healthy developing children.

So are recurrent ear infections a form of vaccine adverse reaction? You decide.




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