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Call in times are Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm EST. If you reach voicemail, I am with a client, please leave a message so I can return your call.

Appointments are scheduled after a brief phone conversation to make sure Homeopathy, Homeoprophylaxis or CEASE Therapy is a fit for you to reach your health goals. I also offer a NO cost or obligation 30min Facetime Meeting. Once we have talked and both agree that Homeopathy or Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a good fit for you the intake forms will be e-mailed to you. For in person appointments the forms may be completed when you arrive at the office.

  • Consultations are available Monday thru Friday & some Saturdays by appointment.
  • Long distance appointments are available with FaceTime, or other video system, a great way to see each other without the need for travel. A definite plus when you or your child are not feeling well.

Regaining your health is a process.  Homeopathy brings results, naturally and safely, read the description of services then call and let’s talk.



Gentle support and healing for our body’s own healing system.

There are 2 options to get started:

Focus Consult:

Up to 1 hr consult for a single complaint or single body system, with a recent change from health lasting from a few weeks to 3months. This consult focuses on and is limited to direct attention to that issue. Includes remedy recommendation and support for the following 4 weeks. Support for the following 4 weeks is included.

Complete Homeopathic Consult:

Up to 2 hr consult. Constitutional Homeopathy; for complex or longstanding health issues of more than 6mon duration. A full assessment of all symptoms and indicators of health; full family history. Includes an in depth conversation about all of your symptoms and how they are impacting your life. After the appointment I spend some time in research to find the remedy that best addresses the health challenges of you or your child. Includes remedy recommendation and support for the following 4 weeks.

After your initial appointment it is important to monitor your progress, as your symptoms improve the remedy may need to be adjusted or changed to make sure that improvements continue and last.

Check-in Consult:  up to 60min consult to monitor your response to the remedy and if necessary make adjustments or changes to the remedy as needed to continue the healing process. These consults are typically 4-6weeks apart in the beginning of your homeopathic healthcare and as healing progresses they are scheduled less frequently. Includes remedy recommendation and support for the following 4 weeks.

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and are safe for people of all ages including during pregnancy. Even great for pets. They are available as pellets or drops.


Homeoprophylaxis (HP):

HP Intake: 1hr – includes brief health history of your child and family, in depth instructions on HP procedure and ongoing support over the following 44months duration of the HP Program.

Homeoprophylaxis is an alternative to vaccination that is as effective, yet safe and non-toxic.

44 month parent administered program of immune system education to protect children from common infectious childhood disease. Homeoprophylaxis is an effective alternative to vaccination.

To get started read the book: ‘The Solution’. It is a quick, informative, easy to read book, and will answer most questions. It is a highly recommended resource for the Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Program. Once you have read the book I am happy to talk with you about the HP program.

CEASE Therapy:

CEASE Therapy is a method to clear the body of possible toxic imprints from vaccination, other toxins, and disease exposure using homeopathic remedies. CEASE Therapy was originally only used in the care of children on the Autism Spectrum, however it is also effective for adults that have chronic illness that may be concurrent with a toxic exposure. Chronic infections like Lyme Disease also have shown good results with CEASE Therapy.

New findings suggest that auto-immune diseases may be linked to vaccinations. In this case CEASE Therapy may be able to reverse symptoms.

CEASE Therapy Intake – 90 minutes – includes: in depth chronological history of the parents and the child to identify chemical, environmental, illness, and vaccine exposures. CEASE Plan and support for the first CEASE Course for up to 8 weeks.

CEASE Therapy Additional Course: up to 60 min consult to evaluate response and recommend the next CEASE Course. Includes monitoring and support during the CEASE Course. A CEASE Course may be a new remedy or a repeat of a previous remedy.


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