Summer Sun and Sunburn

Woman in poolWhen the sun is out we know there is danger of a sunburn. And we have had a lot of sun at our beaches here in San Diego this summer. And there will be more. After all, isn’t the sun and the beaches why most of us live here?

Hats and umbrellas only protect us from the rays directly from the sun above. However at our beaches, lakes and pools, the water reflects those rays right under our hats and even the best reflective shade structure you can find.

Of course sunburns also happen, probably even more, when we have our overcast days, because we feel cool and after all there are clouds!  The suns rays penetrate right thru that layer of clouds.

So what do you do after a day outdoors and despite best efforts to protect yourself you have a sunburn? The skin is feeling tight, hot, sensitive, as if there is a great big DO NOT TOUCH sign.

Something cool sure would feel good, but is won’t help!

Homeopathy teaches us that healing is promoted by treating like with like. What does that have to do with a sunburn?

Like with like in this case is treat the heat of the sunburn with heat!

Take a hot shower, not the hottest of hot showers but hot enough where you do feel the burn about as much as you are feeling it anyway. 2-3 minutes of hot water and you will be amazed at how much better your skin feels. Of course a jacuzzi will work as well. And drink lots of water!

Now before you think this is crazy, try it. You have nothing to loose and may just have found the easiest way to help your self get over a sunburn faster!

Happy summer!



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