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Ursula SubHi There,

Nice to “meet” you!

As a Homeopathic practitioner I enjoy providing healthy wellness solutions to families who want a more holistic and natural approach to healthcare for themselves and their children. And it’s easy. I meet my clients in my office in Burnsville, NC or on skype, we talk and I make a remedy recommendation.

The Homeopathic approach is a system to identify and address the cause of ailments. This way over time we can often eliminate the problem so you can get back to living your life.

You may be interested to hear my journey into Homeopathic medicine …

Twenty years ago during a terrible migraine I was laying on the couch unable to function, I overheard my son calling his Grama on the phone:   “Grama will you come over and play with me? Mom is boring all she does is lie around”

She came and I was finally motivated to do something about my Migraines.

Like many I had dabbled with homeopathy and had great success with bumps and bruises. I could help my family get over the flu quicker. But had not had any success to cure my migraine on my own. So I picked up the phone and called a professional Homeopath that had been recommended to me by my Osteopath and I am so glad I did.

It was so unusual to speak to someone in such detail about how my headaches were, what made them better or worse and how I felt about having them. Then a homeopathic remedy and my migraines were gone. Sure I still get the occasional tension headache, but my migraines no longer rule my life.

My son had developed asthma within a week or so of his MMR vaccination. Nebulizer treatments ruled our daily rhythm. The doctor’s recommendation of adding Cortizone to his medication…….. and we went to the homeopath. Again within a few weeks no more asthma.

I was hooked and wanted to learn all I could, because I want everyone to know about this health care option. So I became certified in classical homeopathy. Now I help others like you.

Homeopathy has been our healthcare choice for everything from upset stomach to flu to injuries and has always been helpful in speeding recovery and decreasing pain.

Like the time I fell off a horse onto my tailbone! Hypericum 200C to the rescue.

I was hooked and wanted to learn all I could, because I want everyone to know about this health care option. So I became certified in classical homeopathy. Now I help others like you.

In 2010 I added certification as a CEASE Therapy practitioner to help families with children with Autism. Seeing all these children with vaccine injury, I decided to look into alternatives. In 2015 I became certified in Homeoprophylaxis, the vaccine alternative. Now I am happy to offer this option, a safe, effective and non-toxic system for preventing childhood disease.

Homeopathy works for many, many types of chronic conditions and acute illness, as well as injuries, and emotional trauma or distress.

I love talking about homeopathy and how it works and I especially like helping people to feel better and regain their best health possible. So if you’d like to learn more and explore if Homeopathy can help you, call me at 858-617-9408 or fill out the contact form. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you.

Come see me at a talk or workshop in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Burnsville, NC! Check the schedule here

yours in health,

Ursula Dobelmann, CCH, C.HP


Explanation of the initials:

CCH — Certified Classical Homeopath   This designation is given by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, to those homeopaths who have demonstrated high competency in case-taking skills and passed a series of exams covering all aspects of classical homeopathy and basic knowledge in medicine. In addition CCH Homeopaths are committed and required to receive continuing education and they meet the requirements for Homeopaths in all of North America.

C.HP — Certified Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor with the membership organization Free & Healthy Children International. FHCi provides access to Homeoprophylaxis – Immune System Education for the prevention of infectious disease to member families. I am currently serving on the Board of FHCi.

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