Vaccinate or Not?

A topic that can cause severe emotions in an instant.

But there is a more important question to ask: “How do I keep my children safe from infectious childhood diseases and keep them healthy in the process?”

With Autism rates climbing, more and more children allergic to everything from food to nature, being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and Asthma, Eczema all on the rise parents are justified in questioning the role vaccinations play in the long term health of their children.

Homeopathy a 200yr old system of natural medicine offers an alternative. Homeoprophylaxis (HP).

Homeoprophylaxis is a systematic way of safely introducing the energetic imprint of childhood infectious diseases like measles and whooping cough to the baby’s young immune system for education and protection. Without actual viruses or stabilizers, aluminum and adjuvants. No injections, instead, the information of the disease is delivered on tiny sugar pellets, one disease at a time.

Let’s change the conversation from – yes or no to vaccinations – to how can I best protect my child. Let’s talk about protecting children’s health safely, effectively and naturally. Let’s talk about Homeoprophylaxis.



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