Complete Homeopathic Intake

The complete homeopathic intake is for people that have complex health concerns that have been a concern for months or years. Typically the concerns are affecting all areas of life, physical discomfort or symptoms. Emotional stresses and concerns.

Here are the steps:

We talk, actually I  listen and you tell me everything that is bothering you, describing how you are feeling before, during and after your symptoms are their worst. What hurts and how and where it hurts, what makes you feel worse, what makes you feel better. What your mood is like, what type of things you are sensitive to and how you react. No detail is too small or irrelevant. For this Complete Homeopathic Intake I schedule 2 hours. Don’t worry that you don’t have that much to say about yourself. I have very rarely had much shorter conversations, most clients are surprised at how fast the time passes. It is an unusual experience to have someone’s full attention for this long. During our conversation connections of feelings and sensations to life situations are often made. These insights are the first step in healing.

After your consultation, I review everything you said and find the subtle symptoms and underlying connections that represents the unique way in which you experience your illness or dis-ease. This information tells me which homeopathic remedy to recommend. This usually takes several hours of research time.

Your consultation includes your initial health inventory consultation with skype for up to 2 hours. Research of the best suitable homeopathic remedy for you. You will receive instructions on where and how to order your homeopathic remedy once I have researched your case and make a homeopathic remedy recommendation.

Once the remedy has arrived we will go over instructions and what to expect in detail, either on the phone or with skype.

Also included in the initial intake fee is all necessary communication for the next four weeks after you have received your remedy in order to evaluate your health improvements.

For the next several months we see each other every 4-8weeks for a Follow-up consultation to make sure you are improving and that the remedy is still working. Often as people improve a different remedy is required to continue the healing process. Follow-up appointments are 30 min and include all research and communication for next 4 weeks. If you get sick, injured or have a life changing or dramatic event in your life,  you may need to change dosing of your remedy or may need a different remedy to address the new set of symptoms, this is always included for ongoing clients.

Homeopathy is a completely individual approach. The goal is to understand the cause of the complaint and select the homeopathic remedy that will begin the change towards health.

Because homeopathy is concerned with how you feel and who you are as a person, there are no additional tests needed. Homeopathic care can be started in cases when doctors are unable diagnose your set of symptoms because Homeopathy does not treat the diagnosis. Instead it is looking to understand the human condition of the sickness and eliminate it.

I welcome your questions, please call 858-617-9408  or fill out the contact form and let’s talk to find out if Homeopathy is the right choice for you.

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