Allergies are immune system over-reactions to harmless substances in the environment.

More and more children have allergies to everything from pets, foods, pollen, laundry detergent, and more. Allergies cause great suffering and restrictions for the whole family.

What has changed over the years? We are exposed to an incredible amount of chemicals in the air, our processed foods, non-organic foods, fertilizers, pesticides, body care products. Most every product made with corn or soy-beans is GMO, and does not have to be labeled as such.

The number of vaccines given to our children has gone from 8 total doses in 1983 to 27 doses by 18months of age in 2016, and our children are not healthier!

Vaccines do only one thing – they create an immune response to everything in them. Is it not then possible that we are creating a generation of children with over reactive immune systems?

But what can you do? Homeopathy can assist the immune system to re-balance and stop being hyper-reactive.

For some children a homeopathic remedy can assist the innate healing system to to be less reactive. For some children CEASE Therapy clears the residual effects of vaccines to create a healthy immune system.

Allergy can be managed by reducing the amount of allergens. A clean bedroom gives the body a chance to rest and get relief and de-tox the allergens that were accumulated during the day. It is like emptying a bucket. The next day there is more room in the bucket. Symptoms only occur when there is no more room in the bucket. Having a clean bedroom gives up to 9 hours of emptying time!

Some important steps to take:

  • always give a bath at night esp wash the hair, this washes away pollen and other environmental allergens.
  • recirculate the bedroom air with a HEPA filter
  • keep the bedroom completely allergen free – no pets, no plants, no carpets, no books, no drapes, no known allergens
  • cover the mattress and pillow in a dust mite proof cover
  • wash all bedding at least once a week in hot water and dry on high
  • eat unprocessed, freshly prepared organic foods

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