Help after Vaccination

girl-taking-remedyWith SB 277 in California forcing vaccinations I am getting more and more requests as to what can be done to help with possible after effects.

Just today I spoke with a mom who’s son became withdrawn, lethargic and now has dark circles under his eyes. “he is not himself!” she explained.

Homeopathy offers a form of clearing the energetic information from the vaccine by giving the vaccine in homeopathic form. That means the vaccine remedies are energetic medicines on tiny sugar pills, completely non-toxic  and safe. The homeopathic remedy helps the body so it can rid itself of the unwanted emotional, mental and physical symptoms following a vaccination.

It is also possible to give the remedy of a vaccination in advance to give the body a warning so to speak so it is ready to eliminate the toxins in the vaccines.

Homeopathy also offers Homeoprophylaxis, an alternative to Vaccination, a form of immune system education that involves giving the disease information in single doses of homeopathic remedies without any other ingredients, not even the weakened or killed germs. It has been used worldwide with great success since 1831! Read more under Children – Homeoprophylaxis.

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