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Spider Bite and Homeopathy

I have to toot my own horn! I had what at first looked like a regular mosquito bite, however by the next day the skin around the bite was an awful shade of dark purple about 3 inches wide. An online search made me think this may have been a brown recluse.  Pale center with 2 tiny bite marks and the dark discoloration around the area. The remedy lachesis, made from snake venom, taken 3x a day for 2 days stopped the progression of tissue damage and the dark purple was gone. Yes, I use homeopathic remedies for my own mishaps regularly! Ursula – Homeopath, July 2017


Broken Clavicle and Ribs and Homeopathy

Ursula was so knowledgeable and helpful. I had a broken clavicle and four broken ribs. I was in a lot of pain. Ursula knew exactly what I needed and took great care of me. I would recommend her services to anyone. Ursula is also very knowledgeable about alternatives to vaccinations. My experience with Ursula was a 10.

Thank You Ursula, Lesia – June 2017


Hiking and Homeopathy

I have known about homeopathy for a long time. I was hiking for 2weeks with a pack a bit heavier than I should have carried. I had severe pain in my leg bones. I tried arnica but it didn’t help. A short consult with Ursula and the remedy ruta took care of the pain. B.B. Burnsville May 2017


Recurrent Boils and Homeopathy

I have been getting a terrible abscess or boil on my inner thigh every few months for the past few years. Diet change, creams, antibiotics – nothing made a difference. It gets big and red and is extremely painful. Ursula spoke with me for a few minutes and asked seemingly totally unrelated questions. But she gave me the remedy silica and within 2 days the boil was gone and I haven’t had one since, it’s been 6months since I saw her. I just had to let you know- thank you Ursula. S.H. 2016


Asthma, recurrent colds and Homeopathy

My son is 8years old and has been getting colds that turn into asthma for his whole life. He was diagnosed by his doctor with Reactive Airway/Asthma in -2009  Daily medications, inhalers and nebulizer treatments were our routine. My husband met Ursula at a networking event, even though we were skeptical we scheduled an intake for our son. We are so glad we did. We saw Ursula in November last year. This is the first winter since he was born that he hasn’t been sick, even when the rest of us got sick, he didn’t!  He is off all asthma medication. We are so thankful. Mom A.W. San Diego – May 2016


Homeopathy for me and my cats

In the twenty years I have known Ursula, she is ever open to what comes up, explores the depths and wide expanse of the layers we beings dwell in, while remaining neutral, without judgment. She is there for the long haul when others have called it quits.
Debra Ty Bodywork/Teacher/Author   January 22, 2015


Shingles and Homeopathy
My father was 87 when he got the shingles on his face. He was so miserable. He refused any medication, he said they made him feel worse and did nothing for the pain. Ursula talked with him for a while, asking him what it was like, what made him feel better or worse. She was very patient and gentle with him. She gave him a remedy and literally with a few minutes the pain lessened. Over the next 3 days the eruptions dried up, the pain was gone and my father was actually happy to have company for Thanksgiving! Thank you!  D.B. 2012


Jaw Surgery and Homeopathy

“I had major upper jaw surgery (it was moved forward and up) and with the help of homeopathy right after surgery, I had very little pain. I didn’t need to take much of the pain meds while in the hospital or at home (only 1 night to be sure to sleep). Great, because the meds tasted nasty and made me really spacey. I had NO, I mean NO bruising, really. And hardly any swelling. I didn’t believe in homeopathy before, but now I do…….even the surgeon and my orthodontist were amazed…………thanks Ursula.”  E.M.B. San Diego, 2010


Cough healed with Homeopathy

I had a terrible cough and could barely talk while I was teaching a CST class (that could not be cancelled). I phoned my homeopath, Ursula, and described my symptoms. Within an hour she walked into my class, handed me a vial of homeopathic pellets and gave my class instructions to be sure I took a dose every 15 minutes until my symptoms changed. My students were very diligent in reminding me every 15 minutes and after 3 doses, all my symptoms were completely gone. It was beyond amazing and I became a true believer in homeopathy. Over the years I’ve learned that not all remedies work this fast or this dramatically. Sometimes my healing is more subtle and changes are noticed over time. No matter which path my healing has taken, obvious or subtle, Ursula has been very accurate in choosing the right remedy for me. I highly recommend her. Dorothy M. 2005


Depression and recurrent infections healed with Homeopathy

“Ursula, I’ve definitely been healed from your treatments. I’m happier right now then I ever have been – in all areas of my life. I want to thank you so much for the professional work and all of your support, you truly have a gift. I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to work with you. With Deep Appreciation.”  S.L. San Diego, CA, 2004


Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue and Homeopathy

“I felt like I had no ability to move. I felt so weak, so sore. Deep pain all the way to the bone. After taking the remedy, it was like 2000 lbs had been lifted off my shoulders. It is like I have gone from living in a tiny little box to no box at all. Now I have the universe.  I feel healthy, have energy and have been hiking, one of the things I had wished for. Thank you! ” M. San Diego, CA, 2004

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